Amy Anderson | Vocals & Percussion

Chandler Mogel | Vocals

Steve Walsh | Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Lanie Suky | Bass Guitar

Scott Suky | Drums & Percussion


Uniquely distinctive and instantly recognizable, Iron Bridge Band has a sound that is both familiar and fresh. Influenced by vinyl and cassette-era rock, they bring together classic rock n’ roll, fused with roots-rock and hints of southern soul by way of thoughtfully crafted songs, four-part vocal harmonies and reflective lyrics. The music is an up-beat collaboration of edgy melodic guitar riffs, laden with fist pumping, sing-along hooks. 

Iron Bridge Band is a true band in every sense and their music is a collaboration of authentic musicians who feel, groove and vibe. They bring intimacy and that intangible musical connection you can’t quantify with just pure musicianship alone. Their music has depth, realism, tells a story and is felt before it is heard. The band has been writing, recording and performing together since 2010 and has opened for national touring acts such as The Outlaws, Blackhawk and John Eddie.

Some other friends and family who added their talents to our live & studio performances:

Jessie Wagner, Joe DeGaetano, Barbara Serbes, Jeff Levine, Richie Castellano, Evan McCulloch, Paul Baccash, 
Joseph DeMaio, Bobby Attiko, Angel Reynoso, Janet Onyenucheya, Bobby Gamboa & Nick Suky