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Everything about this album and band is outstanding and so very listenable, their songs are very well crafted and pertinent for today’s world.
— Peter Merrett (Station Manager) PBS 106.7 - Melbourne, AU


Iron Bridge Band Against the Grain
By Dave Rubin (New York City blues guitarist, teacher, freelance writer and author)
2005 Keeping the Blues Alive award winner in Journalism 

Maybe it’s being from Jersey that inflames the passion, deep dedication and profound introspection of home grown musicians. The Iron Bridge Band from the Garden State give every ounce of themselves while playing off the full range of emotions and even making informed topical observations without sacrificing the energy, spirit and healing power of rock.


The explosive quintet with the addition of singer Amy Anderson and guest artists including Jessie Wagner (lead and background vocals) and Jeff Levine (piano and Hammond B-3 organ), is led by guitarist and songwriter Stephen “Jude” Walsh, a firebrand with taste, tone and technique. Golden-throated lead singer Chandler Mogel lays bare his soul in every lyric as does Anderson on her star turn, while the solid granite husband and wife rhythm section of drummer Scott Suky and bassist Lanie groove effortlessly. Following their critically acclaimed debut Road Not Taken (2013), the band returns triumphantly with 12 original tracks showing stunning artistic evolution. The opening crunching, strutting anthem “A Little Too High” rocks hard with Mogel revealing his rock ‘n’ roll life while defiantly proclaiming “I got a little too high for heaven and a little too close to hell” in the chorus as Walsh breaks the figurative bounds of musical gravity with his soaring guitar. The riff-rocking “Black Sheep’s Son” is a spurned lover’s furious lament with “You tease me and please me, you take me round the back. But it’s out in the open, you call the kettle black.” The elegiac “The Fall” changes direction with a bittersweet romantic plea, a memorably melodic guitar hook and the unforgettable, gorgeously harmonized chorus “Because I’m waiting, for the fall. With some luck by then we’ll stand on common ground” in what should become a future classic.


“American Boss” offers a bold, scathing commentary on contemporary divisive politics by questioning “Do your actions bother you, blinded by red, white and blue? Or does the truth not matter much to you? Does your ignorance betray what we need to say, we just wanna find our way to the USA” as the unaccompanied snare drum cadence by Nick Suky creates a haunting coda. The Southern rocking “Raleigh” underscores the story of a special survivor with “Face the wind ‘cause you were born against the grain, and for sure there’s someone out there who’s the same” containing a sweet coda with Mogel and Walsh opening their hearts wide to the promise of love. The Allman-esque “Every” is a piquant declaration to an object of affection with poetic lines like “Every time I see your face, every dream falls into place, I’m never lonely” as Walsh unfurls sensuously melodic guitar lines.                    


With the Suky bass/drums tandem churning like a Harley-Davidson rhythm machine, “Mark Twain” blasts killer blues-rock riffs and classic Americana lyrics worthy of the Band with Mogel imprinting “She remembers mama’s words that got her by, ‘Love don’t pay the bills, but it lights a flame’” Walsh tossing off slithery slide licks with aplomb. Racing forward, “Backwoods Charm (A Southern Gothic)” weaves a cautionary tale about a mythical scammer traveling the highways and causeways described as “His mama always told him he was born with backwoods charm and someday he’d make daddy buy the farm” with Lanie Suky virtually carrying the song with her propulsive bass. The authentic Muscle Shoals/Stax vibe on the ballad “Day Gets Me Down” features Mogel sharing lead chores with guest belter Jessie Wagner slyly answering his “It’s always the moon that brings out the best in me, yeah, it’s never the sun that finds me found” with “Oh, if I’m ever lonely baby, I’m gonna reach out to you. And if you ever need me, honey, just let your train roll right on through.” 


Walsh additionally shows he is a guitar talent to be reckoned with via his solo instrumental ballad “Faded” where he accompanies his beautiful, rich lead lines with alternating well-placed chords. The group returns with the wistful folk rock of “Wilderness” as Mogel reaches his silken higher register while using “wilderness” and the search for a brother as a chillingly poetic metaphor for the terror of 9/11 with lyrics like “In the midst I can swallow the guilt, but I can’t let it out, that’s not how I’m built.”Amy Anderson takes the spotlight for the closing, haunting, minor key “Light in August” in a duet with Walsh who sensitively surrounds her with perfect accompaniment as she uses her satin-smooth, mellifluous pipes to lament “In the light of the painted pictures fall from my face. Fear of time, what once was mine and every love that came to stay.”   


The Iron Bridge Band is a talented, ambitious band of brothers and sisters whose reach matches their grasp in creating timeless music, and the listener is the lucky beneficiary. By turns rollicking, rambunctious, thoughtful and soothing, they provide a soundtrack for life and love. In these turbulent times, it is a rare and welcome, spiritually nourishing refuge on which to depend.

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“This is feel good, addictive, crank the volume and rock out in your living room music! The quality of this album from beginning to end is absolutely first-rate. It warms me to know that this caliber of music is still being written, performed and enjoyed.” - Tony Cruz Sison - The Dedicated Rocker Society


"A powerhouse slab of riff-based blues-rockvwith a southern rock influence" Norman John Darwen - Flying Shoes Music Blog


"Against The Grain" would not be out of place if it was played right along with Blackberry Smoke, The Cadillac Three, or A Thousand Horses, but it is definitely classic rock inspired. If you're in the mood for a no frills, straight up rock n' roll record you won't go wrong with "Against The Grain". - Hard Rock Nights


“I love everything about this band. "Against the Grain" is "stonking" good!!” - Tony Corner - Rock Radio UK


"Iron Bridge Band sound better than ever" - HIGHLY Recommended! - ODayRoxx Blogspot


“One of the most diverse but, at the same time, beautiful records that I've listened to this year. The bluesy, Southern influences along with the pure and Classic Rock sound makes this album a must have for every rock fan out there. A 9.0/10!” - Vassilis Hassirtzoglou - Heavy Paradise Music Blog


“What we have here is a high-quality rock piece of work with a lot of southern influence, excellent musicians and very well-written tracks. If you like quality rock music, then this piece of work is a good choice for you! 9.0/10” - George "Snaki" Karatzas - BeRock Radio


“Iron Bridge Band is a talented, ambitious band of brothers and sisters whose reach matches their grasp in creating timeless music, and the listener is the lucky beneficiary...The band returns triumphantly showing stunning artistic evolution...In these turbulent times, it is a rare and welcome spiritually nourishing refuge on which to depend.” - Dave Rubin, - DR/Guitar Player


“This bunch of Jersey rockers sound like they grew up eating 70s heartland arena rocker records for breakfast. You have to give them a lot of credit for sounding like arena rockers that have already arrived with this just being their second release and doing it on their own! An EDM antidote for fist pumping, hormone ravaged teens that don't mind getting baked in the sun as they get baked at the festival, these guys sound like the 70s never ended. Why shouldn't today's kids find out how much fun it all was?” - Midwest Record


“The Iron Bridge Band is an amalgam of classic rock n’ roll, fused with roots-rock and hints of southern soul.  With thoughtfully crafted songs, four-part vocal harmonies and reflective lyrics, the music is an up-beat ensemble of edgy melodic guitar riffs, laden with fist pumping sing-along hooks.” - Relix Magazine


“...Something really incredible and creative to offer…. brings the listener back to a time where rock music was still heavily influenced by the blues…Iron Bridge Band gave a piece of themselves to creating it.” Joe Cirilo - Aquarian Weekly


“New Jersey’s IRON BRIDGE BAND will appeal to anyone with a soft spot for some good-time roadhouse raunch’n’roll a la The Black Crowes or lesser-known rocking gems like Company Of Wolves or John Kilzer. There are delicate moments too during the twelve tracks of Road Not Taken, more hooks than Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing, some great soloing and … is that cowbell? Yessss!” John Atkin - R2 Rock N Reel Magazine


“Rocking vibe full of catchy songs and great performances…music harks back to the glorious American sound of the 70's but without sounding dated…definite early Eagles feel…Southern edge….Chandler Mogel has turned in his best vocal performance I have heard so far. Guitarist Stephen Walsh steals the show with some classy guitar work, giving the material the required fire when needed but without overplaying his hand. An album I will returning to many times in the future.” Ant Heeks - Fireworks Magazine


“Straightforward goodness is what attracts with commercial potential…sophisticated musical sensibilities. There’s no trendy posturing just good, strong compositions played with rock solid delivery. Modern adult rock in an un-ironic way. The band’s road album leads to a good aural journey.” Doug Hill - The Norman Transcript


“Classic 70s AOR/arena rock complete with crunchy guitars, high energy and all the vibe from working class Jersey you can handle. Borrowing rocking moves from everyone from the Allmans to Bad Company, IBB is a fast ball down the middle for kids that are more into letting loose than being witness to spectacle. Hard hitting stuff from a bunch that keep it real by loving what they do. Midwest Record” Midwest Record


"The more I hear, the more I want….a wonderful well crafted album of standout Country/Rock/Blues" Peter Merrett; DJ/Music Reviewer PBS 106.7 Melbourne Australia - PBS 106.7 Melbourne


"Delivering everything a rock record needs: power, melody, and soaring energy....Road Not Taken makes a strong case for being on the top of the "Best of 2013" list...better than just about anything on the Billboard Top 100 Rock Albums right now." Tony Cruz Sison; All Access Magazine; Dedicated Rocker Society" Tony Cruz Sison - All Access Magazine/Dedicated Rocker Society


“The group offers us a tasty album with some energetic pieces. One can feel influences from Bad Company, Eagles, excellent album... with very good musicians where all compositions are terms of melodies, music lovers will be spoiled by this album which is a real success for US rock and ballads. A superb debut!” Jaques LeForestier - HistoZic


“Broad artistic vision, technical excellence and a burning passion to bare uninhibited emotions....the Iron Bridge Band from New Jersey has it all and a raucous sense of abandon -- David Rubin, KBA Recipient, Music Journalism” Dave Rubin - David Rubin